The Tools

How Life Coaching Builds Your Path for Moving Forward

We live in a culture that always wants to know, “What’s wrong?”

In life coaching, the first question is: What one aspect of your life is already fully functional?

Life coaching is not about finding the problem; it’s about finding the opportunity.  By celebrating success, we work together to turn fear into excitement and avoidance into engagement.

You can learn to be successful — not on the world’s terms, but on your own.
Through my Ignite Your Real Life programs, I work side by side with you while you learn the skills to support yourself personally and professionally, stay healthy and committed to your life goals, be clear about and live up to your values, balance passion and peace with yourself and your work.

You Have a Choice

Why would anyone choose to go on being numb and in limbo? One word: safety.

Fear of failure, fear of success and fear of not being perfect are deeply engrained beliefs from our past, and prevent us from being present in our lives.  “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t have it in me,” “I won’t hold up under a lot of pressure,” “I won’t like working hard to achieve my goals” are themselves the cause of never finding out if you’re capable of success!

What fear is holding you back from your secret dreams?  I’ll teach you to conquer those fears by simply knowing, accepting and relating to them in new ways — taking charge by taking a new stand of not being afraid to fail.  Failure has been the best teacher of the most successful people in the world.  There is no failure in life, only in your mind.

I offer you the tools to trust your emotional intelligence, explore and sustain your dreams.

Awaken a body-centered responsiveness that invites change into your life.  Explore (and dismantle) your barriers to success.  Build systems that offer you sufficient support, and free yourself to strive boldly.

Right now – not someday – I will give you the tools to safely step out and begin your real journey.

“As an empowerment life coach/trainer, Mona has depth and clarity, and guided me in ways that surprised me and expanded my thinking and imagination. I now have some good tools for moving forward. I feel like I am more on track.”

Mia, 55, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Birth Support

“To learn how to support one’s thinking in positive ways and structurally work towards manifesting goals and vision, one strategically identifies and realizes many powers and full potential. I will use the tools to build a balanced and healthy self.”

Ian, 25, Musician

“Life Coaching with Mona laid the groundwork for me to re-evaluate the vision I hold for my life. The methodology is sound. As I have identified limiting beliefs that kept me stuck in old ways of thinking, I now understand how important it is to relate in open, welcoming and positive ways to all matters in life, personally and professionally, in order to deal with obstacles, conflicts and old patterns. I have experienced shifts in my thinking that are opening doors to concrete changes in my daily life – powerful! ”

Annette, 60, Business and Personal Coach


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