So What is Life Coaching?

Your journey to an authentic life, an exhilarating life that fulfills your dreams and boldly creates new ones, starts when you stretch out and put one toe in the water!

Mona Banzer

Success is about having the tools to build consistent self-support.

Unfortunately, there’s no miracle drug, just like there’s no miracle diet.  

You have to commit to doing the work.  

I believe the best way around is always through.

Existential pain causes real suffering.  It’s systemic pain, that filters through every aspect of your existence, and it comes from living a life that is not authentic, or that is determined from the outside — from other peoples’ demands and expectations, from the pressure to conform, from compromising yourself to earn a living.

That leads to a dead end of numbness, depression, feeling tired, worn out and just going through the motions without feeling “alive.” No wonder you feel like you’ve lost your way, lost yourself.

If you want to feel inspired again, take action because you have a burning desire rather than feeling burned out, and make a living without sacrificing the best of yourself — incorporating your unique gifts into a life that sustains, enriches and energizes you, my life coaching programs can ignite your real life now!