Why should I choose life coaching?

I come from a therapy background, but have now come to appreciate the many benefits of coaching. Therapy looks at the pathology; coaching looks at opportunity! Life Coaching looks into your heart at what already works fully, and builds on that.
 My benefit as your coach is that I am not afraid of getting to the dark side, helping you mourn your grief and move on.  A coach without a therapy background might not have the tools or experience to work through that block, but it makes a big difference to clear it away in order to build a new way of responding to the world.

What kind of guarantee do you provide for your coaching packages?

I guarantee you will have the tools to find peace within, and a strong belief system to work with.  You will integrate new understanding through the experience of taking risks and achieving goals.  You will live and work from your heart and your talent, and apply all the skills you have.  If you apply the systems, techniques and practices I offer you, I personally guarantee that you will grow and change to become the person you long to be!

It will take time, it will be work, yet it will be work that comes from your heart’s desire, and your motivation will be filled with passion and intelligence. It is my mission to launch you into a life big enough to hold your dreams.


The first step is on me!

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