How We Will Work

Ignite Your Real Life!

Package I: “Making the Big Leap!”

In this course, we identify your core values, challenges and a simple, effective strategy for you to work in a new way, with a new mindset, through 5 different aspects of “being” in the world:


Make a decision that you are serious about wanting to change, and get the tools to learn to trust yourself.


Learn to apply your commitment in a consistent, conscious way, and appreciate the value of discipline. There is a natural rhythm, and if we allow ourselves to become intuitive and sensitive again, there will be an internal response, a realization of what we need to do for ourselves.  Learn to trust your own self-regulation and find balance.  Learn what feels healthy, helpful and supportive.  Become attuned to what naturally, organically works.  Learning to abide by your internal guidance creates natural discipline in a mindful, joyful way.


What does support mean to you? What kind of support did you grow up with? What kind of support do you pro-actively use in you daily life? Support is knowing what will nourish you, be it 10 minutes of meditation, hiking on the weekend, or picking up the phone and calling someone special. This applies the same way at work: do you know what makes work more valuable to you, even in a competitive, difficult environment?  Can you find new ways of relating and taking care of yourself?  I will help you establish clear guidelines and practice, so you can continue to breathe and grow even in the most challenging work environments.


If we believe in ourselves, we find a way to deal with difficult situations; we are able to be responsive to the real world around us, as it changes. The first reaction to challenge is always fear, chaos, withdrawal – the first reaction is over-reaction.
 If you know how you respond, you will be able to consciously decide how that reaction is serving you. Learning to trust your own way, your own values, is stepping into your power.  Take charge!  Don’t allow yourself to stay resigned and passive, feeling there is nothing you can change – change is a fact of growth and a constant, even when you aren’t aware of it. Change may not always serve you, and that is why you must become aware of your own power and your environment.


Persistence is refusal to give up on yourself!  Those who succeed in life have a large store of persistence.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not, nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are the omnipotence. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve problems of the human race.”

Calvin Coolidge


You will find your own authentic way of responding to the world.

Each of the 5 individual 90-minute sessions includes education on the week’s theme, exercises, one-on-one coaching and homework, including inquiries to engage you throughout the week.

Package Cost $550


Package II: “Creating the World You Want to Live In”

Real Life II offers 10 weeks of strategic sessions to create and support your unique life goals. This course includes the 5 weeks of “Making the Big Leap!” plus identifying your specific goals in one area, either your personal or professional life.  Once you’ve established a very specific goal, we will build a strategic plan to achieve it.  You will learn how to approach goals, and celebrate realizing your goal.  We will look at what holds you back from achieving your life goals, then, step by step, develop tools, practices, skills, knowledge and systems to shift into a new way of living that fulfills you and guarantees your success.

Each of the 10 INDIVIDUAL 90-minute coaching sessions includes education, exercises, one-on-one coaching and weekly homework explorations.

Package Cost $1100

Package III: “Going for It All the Way!”

This course is open-ended and addresses all your needs, challenges and obstacles organically, as they emerge.  We will study my Real Life tools and apply them in one-on-one, weekly sessions. Either ad hoc or as an extension to programs I or II, individual 60-minute sessions are $90 each.

{Your journey to an authentic, exhilarating life that fulfills your dreams and boldly creates new ones, starts when you stretch out and put one toe in the water! Give me a call – your first session is free. Let’s meet and get to know each other.
 My life goal is to relieve or alleviate your suffering.}

Mona Banzer